Kyanoush Majidi
  2004- Flowers 2005- Rhododendron 2006- Schlosspark Charlottenburg 2007- Waterlandscapes 2005/08- Mothers and Daughters 2010- Wait the bloom

Mothers und Daughters

The idea of the project was to portrait the relationship between mothers and daughters.

I started with a portrait of my childhood beside my mother.
While painting many of my questions about our relationship were answered and I felt some sort of freedom and then, I liked to look at the others.

Not everyone, whom I explained my project was enthusiastic about my intentions, only a few of my friends were ready to be portrayed.

So we had a photo-shooting; sitting about two hours with every willing mother and daughter, they were free to pose as they liked and I didn’t give any instructions. Afterwards, I chose the photo or photos which seemed to be authentic, so I used them as the draft for each painting.

After finishing every painting, we had a meeting with both; mother and daughter, and we discussed about the painting. I wanted to see, if they were agreeing with my understanding of their relationship.

Well, some were and a few were not!

The paintings are created between 2005 and 2008.